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Research Data Management (Health Sciences)

Tips for managing data and creating a data management/sharing plan.

Example DMS Plans

National Institutes of Health - Data Management & Sharing Plan

New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. Effective January 25, 2023. Capture the full value of your data - plan for it! Overview

NIH requires researchers to submit a Data Management and Sharing Plan (DMS Plan) with grant applications submitted on or after January 25, 2023. This policy applies to all research, funded or conducted in whole or in part by NIH, that results in the generation of scientific data.

NIH strongly encourages the use of established repositories to the extent possible for preserving and sharing scientific data.

Once a grant has been awarded, the DMS Plan becomes part of the award's terms and conditions. NIH expects researchers and institutions to implement data management and sharing practices as described in their approved Plan. Compliance with the DMS Plan, including any updates, may be reviewed during regular reporting intervals.

To learn more about the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing, please visit the links below or watch this short video overview of the policy. You can also watch NIH webinars about the new policy.

Writing a DMS Plan

A DMS Plan should include the following elements:

  • Data Type
  • Related Tools, Software and/or Code
  • Standards
  • Data Preservation, Access, and Associated Timelines
  • Access, Distribution, or Reuse Considerations
  • Oversight of Data Management and Sharing

See the box on the left for links to example DMS Plans.

General advice for writing a DMS Plan:

  • Keep the information in your plan organized into the appropriate elements. E.g. Don't include information about the repository that will be used in the Data Type element.
  • Try to avoid repeating or duplicating information within the plan. 
  • Do not include any URLs or links.
  • Make sure there is information to address each required element, even if it's a statement indicating that it does not apply. 
  • The PI will likely be providing oversight of the DMS Plan, but additional lab or team personnel with data-related roles may be described in the Oversight element, too.

Budgeting for DMS Activities

The NIH announced that they will no longer require the use of the single DMS cost line item. Learn more...

The new DMS Policy allows researchers to budget for data management and sharing activities. Reasonable costs may be included in NIH budget requests for:

  • Curating data
  • Developing supporting documentation
  • Formatting data according to accepted community standards, or for transmission to and storage at a selected repository for long-term preservation and access
  • De-identifying data
  • Preparing metadata to foster discoverability, interpretation, and reuse
  • Local data management considerations, such as unique and specialized information infrastructure necessary to provide local management and preservation (for example, before deposit into an established repository)
  • Preserving and sharing data through established repositories, such as data deposit fees

Costs must be incurred during the performance period.

Video - Overview of the NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy

Webinars & Discussions about the new policy

Video description: Navigate Webinar: The New NIH Data Management & Sharing Policy. Originally presented to U-M research administrators on November 1, 2022. Slides that accompanied the webinar: 20221101_NIHPolicy_RAACNavigate

Video description: A Conversation with NIH: Diving Deeper into the new NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. Originally presented by NIH in September 2022. Slides that accompanied the webinar: DMS Webinar Resource Slides (pptx).

Video description: A Conversation with NIH: Understanding the New NIH Data Management and Sharing Policy. Originally presented by NIH in August 2022. Slides that accompanied the webinar: DMS Webinar Resource Slides (pptx).

Video description: Dr. Lisa Federer presents an introduction to the NIH Policy for Data Management and Sharing which will take effect at the start of 2023. Originally presented by NNLM in February 2022.