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Indigenous Resources

Highlights resources pertaining to Indigenous Peoples, and the focus is on communities Indigenous to Turtle Island (North America)


This section of the guide highlights some video clips, presentations and programs in a variety of areas.

Decolonization/Research and Methodologies

Women and Feminisms

Literature, Media and Cultural Studies

Pow Wows

A Powwow is a Native American cultural event that features the passing down of Native American traditions through songs and dancing.

The University of Michigan in partnership with the Native American Students Association hosts an annual Dance for Mother Earth Pow Wow. The Pow Wow is one of the largest student run Pow Wows in the country.

The channel is a collection of videos documenting Pow Wows across the country.

Governance, Law and Sovereignty

Algonquian Language Family (Anishinaabe/Objibwe/Chippewa)

Arts- Pacific Northwest

Arts- Pacific Islands