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Program Evaluation

This guide is a collection of resources for faculty, students and researchers interested in program evaluation.

Search Terms for Finding Program Evaluations

Plan before you search

Whether you are looking for books, searching the internet or trying to find scholarly articles about program evaluation think carefully about the words you use in your search. The clearer and more precise the words in your search, the more appropriate will be the results from that search. 

Here is a glossary of evaluation terms from the University of Arizona Center for Research & Outreach CYFERnet Search project .

When searching in any database or catalog try to use pre-defined index terms to narrow your results. These are called subject terms or Descriptors. Here are a few examples of some appropriate descriptors for program evaluation.

  • "Action research"
  • "Best practices"
  • "Cost-benefit analysis"
  • "Program effectiveness"
  • Evaluation
  • "Evidence-based"
  • "Feasibility studies"
  • "Feasibility analysis"
  • Intervention
  • Methodology"Needs assessment"
  • "Organizational effectiveness"
  • "Program evaluation"

The Library Catalog

Tips for Searching the Library Catalog

Use the U-M Library Catalog for finding books, DVDs and other materials. 

  • Basic Search lets you enter a few key words to get started. Once you have done a search, you can use the filters on the left side of the page to focus your results.
  • Advanced Search allows you to refine your search even further by choosing a date range, language, format,  and a specific library location or collection. 

Combining Search Terms

Make sure you capitalize any connecter words (AND, OR, NOT) when searching or the catalog search will disregard the words and assume you want the words connected with AND. 

For additional tips on using the catalog, take a look at the search help page.

Classic Evaluation Handbooks