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Responsible Conduct of Research and Scholarship (RCRS)

Ethics resources for individuals at the UM College of Engineering, including how to keep a lab notebook; publishing resources for authors; how to locate and cite sources, and resources for avoiding plagiarism and complying with copyright laws.

Citing Sources

When writing research papers, you will often need to use outside sources to support your ideas and arguments. A citation is a way to give the authors of these sources credit for their work, while also giving credibility to your research. Citations also allow others to access the information you used later. Citing your sources is an important part of research, as it helps you avoid plagiarism and can strengthen your research.

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Need More Help?

We have a research guide dedicated to citation help:

Citation Management Tools

The library can help you with tools for managing your footnotes and creating bibliographies. Expert help is available from the Scholarspace. You can also find more information about each of these citation management tools in this guide from the Taubman Health Sciences Library. Here is where you can find a comparison of the various citation management tools