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Dental Hygiene - Graduate

Resources for students in the dental hygiene graduate program.

Finding Full Text with MGet It, Step 1

Follow these simple steps to access the full text of articles available online.

You would like to read the full text of the article Effect of oral hygiene interventions on opportunistic pathogens in patients after stroke that you found in PubMed:

Step 2

Finding Full Text of Articles not Available Online, Step 1

What if you need an article that is not accessible online?

After finding the article Patients with heart valve prostheses: dental care, dental procedures and prevention in PubMed, and clicking on the button, we are taken to this screen:

Step 2

Clicking on the Library Catalog Search link will bring you to a list of search results where you can select the appropriate resource, the journal Canadian Dental Association in this case.

You will then be directed to that resource's Library Catalog Search record where you can locate the specific volume and issue.

Step 3

Step 4

Finding Full Text in an Article Database

Looking for electronic access to journal articles?  Most of the time that's not a problem:  find an article in a database, click the M Get It button, & you're taken right to the journal or the article (video). 

Occasionally, the library doesn't have electronic access, but does have the journal in print.  What do you do then?  Choose the Request Delivery Service option and use document delivery.  Library staff will photocopy the article, then send it to you via email as a link to the PDF.  This service can take up to 48 hours, but you often receive the article the same day.  You'll need to use the link within 2 weeks, but once you download the article, it's yours forever.

If the library doesn't have a copy in print or electronically, choose the Request Delivery Service and use InterLibrary Loan (ILL). We'll get a copy from another library.  This service takes 5-10 business days (usually 5).  As with the document delivery service, you'll receive a link to the PDF via email.

Finding Full Text from a Citation

If you have a citation for a journal article in hand, here are some ways to find electronic or print copies.