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Children's Literature

Resources to assist researchers, and School of Education and School of Information students by providing U-M Library children's lit resources in one place. It also includes other external helpful resources.

Search Your Local Library

If you cannot find a children's book you are looking for, check your local public library - for example, search the Ann Arbor District Library (AADL) online catalog.

Finding Books Elsewhere

Search Google Books

If you want to preview a book before you go to the library, there is a good chance it may be in Google Books.  While the entire book is generally not available, Google Books does post a significant amount of many books online.

Google Book Search

Information Needed Before Finding Your Book

You will need to know the call number, status, and location of the book before you can find it in the library.  See Searching the Online Catalog (Library Catalog Search)  for instructions on how to obtain this information.

Children's Literature Collection Location

The Children's Literature Collection moved from the basement of Shapiro to 3 South Hatcher on
September 16, 2016.  

Call Numbers in the Library

Here are some call numbers to get you started.  These call numbers may help you find books via location, since books with the same subject material tend to be shelved together.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of all the call numbers relating to children's literature in the library.

Class P - Language and literature

 Subclass PN - Literature (general)

  PN441-1009.5 - Literary history

  PN 1008.2-1009.5 - Juvenile literature

 Subclass PS - American literature

  PS490 - Juvenile literature (general)

  Subclass PZ - Fiction and juvenile belles lettres

                   PZ5-90 - Juvenile belles lettres

Class Z - Bibliography, library science, and general information resources

                   Z1001-1121 - General bibliography

                   Z1035-1035.9 - Best books

                   Z1036 - Booksellers' general catalogs of modern books

                   Z1037-1039 - Books for special classes of persons, institutions, etc.

Finding Children's eBooks in the Library

The University of Michigan Library subscribes to an ebook collection titled Proquest Ebook Central.  Included in this collection are several children's ebooks.  From the Browse Subjects page, select Juvenile Literature to browse through the children's books in this collection.

Be advised that the content of this collection changes rapidly and without notice.  Visit the Help menus within the Ebook Central interface for information about using the interface.

Special Collections Research Center

Sometimes Library Catalog Search will indicate that a children's book is located in "Special Collections Children's Literature"  The Children's Literature Collection in the Special Collections Research Center contains approximately 25,000 published volumes including archival material created or collected by a number of notable authors and illustrators.  These materials are available for building use only.