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Interracial Resources

Fiction and non-fiction resources on topics relating to interracial people and relationships.


Ethnic Newswatch
A full text database of 200 publications of the ethnic, minority and native press. Searchable in both English and Spanish, with titles in both languages.

Alt-Press Watch
Covers newspapers, journals and magazines of alternative and independent press.

Subject headings:

  • Multiracial People
  • Multiculturalism & Pluralism
  • Interracial Relationships

Contains articles on education and the social sciences.

Subject headings:

  • Multiracial Persons
  • Racial Identification
  • Biculturalism
  • Cultural Pluralism

Contains citations and articles in psychology and the social sciences.

Subject headings:

  • Ethnic Identity
  • Interracial Marriage
  • Interracial Adoption
  • Interracial Offspring
  • Multiculturaliam

Contains core journals from the humanities and social science.

Searches the full text of articles; no subject headings.

Black Historical Newspapers

Custom ProQuest cross-search of 6 major African American community newspapers published 1893-2005. 

American Indian History Online

This databases provides access to more than 5,000 years of culture, history, and leaders. 320+ Native American groups are presented through subject entries, biographies, primary source documents, maps and charts, and photographs. 

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)

Provides citations drawn from more than 400 journals, primarily in Spanish or English, which cover Latin America, the Caribbean, and Hispanics in the United States.