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Interracial Resources

Fiction and non-fiction resources on topics relating to interracial people and relationships.

Why Use Non-print Media?

Non-print media such as video (DVDs, streaming, web-based, etc.), audio (podcasts, oral histories, radio, etc.), and virtual resources (websites, performances, art, etc.) can add rich information to certain types of research projects. Some are freely available, but others are licensed and provided by the Library.

Film Festivals and Other Media

Films at Askwith

Search for films in the Askwith Media Library by searching the Library Catalog (scroll down and limit your search by selecting "Askwith" as the location) using the following terms: sample search: “biracial OR "mixed race" OR mixed-race OR "racially mixed"


Double Happiness (2007)
VIDEO-D 45436-D

Perspectives on Adoption: International Adoptees Tell Their Stories (2002)
VIDEO-D 43178-D

Who are the DeBolts and where did they get 19 kids? (2005)
VIDEO-D 43956-D

Are you Black, White or what? (1996)
VIDEO 27617-H

Zebrahead (2002)
VIDEO-D 34434-D

Mississippi Masala (2003)
VIDEO-D 36290-D

None of the Above: People of Multiracial Heritage (1993)
VIDEO 25334-H

One Drop (2001)
VIDEO 32606-H