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Interracial Resources

Fiction and non-fiction resources on topics relating to interracial people and relationships.

U-M Centers, Programs, and Initiatives

Non-UM Resources

UM Interracial Courses

University of Michigan, American Culture 303 Section 001: "Race and Mixed Race"

Taught by Evelyn Azeeza Alsultany, Fall 2014

University of Michigan, American Culture 405 Section 003: "So Called: Mixed Race and Multi-Ethnic Identity"

Taught by Edward West, Fall 2009

University of Michigan, American Culture 311 Section 001: “Topics in Ethnic Studies: Race/Mixed Race”

Taught by Evelyn Azeenza Alsultany, Fall 2009

University of Michigan, Sociology 412: “Ethnic Identity and Intergroup Relations.”

Taught by David Schoem, Fall 1997

Non-UM Courses

Rutgers University, English 350:445: "Revisiting Racial Passing in the 21st Century."

Summer 2013

Carnegie Mellon Universtiy, History 79-173 Freshman Seminar: "Barack Obama and the History of Race in America."

Taught by Nico Slate, 2013-2014

California State University, Fullerton, History 477A: "Race Mixing in U.S.A. History."


Stanford University, English 15SC: "Mixed Race in the New Millennium:  Crossings of Kin, Culture, & Faith in the 21st Century. "

Taught by Michele Elam, Summer 2014-2015

University of California, Berkeley, American Culture 150: "People of Mixed Racial Descent."

Taught by Robert Allen, Fall 2012

Saint Louis University, American Studies 393-03: "Mixed-Race America."

Taught by Heidi Ardizzone, Fall 2011.