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Statistics (Mathematical)

Guide to resources on mathematical statistics.

The arXiv

The arXiv is the number one pre-print article database for mathematics, statistics, computer science, and physics.

The Statistics arXiv

There are many ways you can browse the statistics section of the arXiv. You can refine by date and focus only on new articles or those submitted on a specific day, month, or year. You can filter even more using the arXiv's 6 statistics subject categories, such as Statistics Theory and Computation. Within the categories you can again use dates to refine your results.

Note: The information on the arXiv has been submitted the article authors, while some may have been refereed there is no peer review required for articles in the arXiv.

How to search the arXiv for Statistics

Searching the arXiv for Statistics

When searching the arXiv it is keep in mind that you are searching hundreds of thousand highly technical research papers. This makes it very important to think deeply and try to make your searches as specific as possible. In general, unless you know an article's title or arXiv-id stick to the advanced search instead of using the search box on the front pagearXiv advanced search with three boxes. The first with interval censored and All fields on the drop down, the second with AND as its boolean and survival data in the box and title on the drop down, and the third with AND as the boolena, 62N02 in the box and MSC classification chosen on the drop down. Under are subject checkboxes with only statistics(stat) chosen, and below date filers will all dates chose, then submission filters with submission date (most recent) chosen

With arXiv's advanced search you can search for an article by its title, abstract, arXiv subject category, DOI, and Mathematical Subject Classification, or for an author by their name, ORCID ID, and arXiv id, as well as filter by subject and date. For more general searches choose All Fields from the drop down and if you are searching for an author by name use the last name, first name format.

Automating the arXiv

The arXiv has two services which will allow you to automatically receive all of the new articles from subject areas of interest. Instructions follow.

How to receive new articles via email

Send an email to with the subject line set to subscribe *Your Name* and add *Name of Category* as the email's message.
For example to all the newly submitted Statistics Theory articles you would write add Statistics Theory in the email.
To then stop receiving email alerts about Statistics Theory articles you would send a second email with del Statistics Theory

How to receive new articles via RSS

The arXiv provides an RSS feed for all new statistics articles, as well as statistics specific feeds.
You can find the RSS for all statistics articles at
For a specific category just add .XY to the end of the URL, where XY is the category code.
For example the Applications RSS URL would be You can find the category codes on the front page of the statistics arXiv.