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French History

Find collections and other resources for the study of French History.


Online Texts & Images

ARTFL: A very large database of fully searchable online texts, particularly strong in 17-19c. literature. Also provides access to a variety of related digital projects (dictionaries, image and text databases, including the Encyclopédie).Remote access is restricted to current UM faculty, staff and students.

Index to 19th Century French Political Trials: Provides access to a large collection of printed primary sources (e.g. legal memoranda), primarily from the first half of the 19th century, and held by the Labadie Collection (UM Special Collections Research Center). No restrictions on use of the index; for access to the documents themselves, contact Special Collections.

French Revolution at the Grass Roots: Presented in a fully searchable English and French edition, this bibliography provides both a guide to and critical assessment of local studies of the French Revolution published since the Bicentenary (between about 1980 and 1995). All pamphlets, books, and articles obtained during the course of research were donated to the University Library by the author.

Gallica: The digital library of the Bibliothèque nationale de France. A rapidly growing collection of digitized books and periodicals. Index to 19thc.

NUL Siege & Commune of Paris Collection: The Special Collections department of the Northwestern University Library provides access to thousands of digital images from their holdings. Search or browse by title, subject or genre (portraits, landscapes, caricatures, or documents).

Voltaire électronique: Searchable database of texts based primarily on the Oxford editions. Remote access is restricted to current UM faculty, staff and students.

Other Ebook collections of interest:

ACLS Humanities Ebook Project: Full text of over 500 books on American, European and Middle Eastern History as well as the History of Technology. Titles may be searched or browsed. Approximately 250 added yearly.

Brill Ebooks: Humanities and International Studies e-books from the publisher Brill, 2007- .

Springer Complete English/International eBook Collection: Provides online full-text access to over 25,000 books in all subject areas published by Springer, one of the world's largest academic publishers. Includes all books published by Springer in English, French, Italian, and Spanish from 2005 to the present, plus most books published from 1996-2004 and selected books published before 1996.

Print Reference Works

Dictionnaire de l'Ancien Régime : royaume de France, XVIe-XVIIIe siècle Edited by Lucien Bély.Newer, but does not replace the work of Marion.
Grad Reference DC 35 .D5171 1996
Encyclopedia of contemporary French culture An outstanding guide to persons, events and movements, edited by Alex Hughes and Keith Reader.
Grad Reference DC 33.7 .E531 1998
Historical dictionary of France from the 1815 restoration to the Second Empire Edited by Edgar Leon Newman.
Grad Reference DC256 .H571 1987
A Critical Dictionary of the French Revolution Translated from a collection of important essays by leading scholars, and edited by François Furet and Mona Ozouf.
Grad DC 148 .D5313 1989
Archives biographiques francaises Reproduces and compiles the entries from hundreds of biographical dictionaries (and other similar sources), all in a single alphabetical sequence. UM currently owns 3 different, but complementary series. The Index biographique français (2nd. ed., 1998, 7 vols.) serves as a combined printed index to Series I-II. A searchable online index to this and other biographical archives is provided by the World Biographical Index.
Grad Serials/Microforms Micro-F 1856 (Series I)(1065 fiche); Micro-F 4373 (Series II)(644 fiche); Micro-F 4374 (105 fiche).
Biographie universelle (Michaud) ancienne et moderne ... Second edition of the work founded by J. F. Michaud and his brother, L. G. Michaud.
Available at the link on the left. Print copy available at Grad Reference CT 143 .B62 1854.
Dictionary of the Napoleonic Wars Somewhat older but still useful work by a leading expert in the field, David G. Chandler.
Grad Reference DC 147 .C471
Dictionnaire de biographie française In progress (A-La Vallée are complete).
Grad Reference CT 1003 .D54
Dictionnaire de la France médiévale By Jean Favier.
Grad Reference DC 60.6 .F3811 1993
Dictionnaire des institutions de la France aux XVIIe et XVIIIe siècles An older, but still essential guide by Marcel Marion.
Grad Reference DC 35 .M3 1968
Dictionnaire du grand siècle Edited by François Bluche. Covers the reigns of Henri IV through Louis XVI (1589-1715).
Grad Reference DC 128 .D5511 1990
Dictionnaire du Second Empire Edited by Jean Tulard.
Grad Reference DC 276 .D53 1995
Dictionnaire historique de la France sous l'Occupation Edited by Michèle and Jean-Paul Cointet.
Grad Reference DC 397 .D538 2000
Dictionnaire historique de la Révolution française Edited by Albert Soboul, et al.
Grad Reference DC 147 .S67 1989
Dictionnaire Napoléon Second revised and expanded edition, edited by Jean Tulard.
Grad Reference DC 203 .D5311 1999
French official publications By Gloria Westfall. Provides an excellent overview of the nature and organization of French government publications.
Government Documents Center (203 Hatcher) Z 2169 .W471
Historical dictionary of Napoleonic France, 1799-1815 Edited by Owen Connelly, Harold T. Parker, et al.
Grad Reference (and GL) DC 201 .H6731 1985
Historical dictionary of the French Fourth and Fifth Republics, 1946-1991 Edited by Wayne Northcutt.
Grad Reference DC 401 .H571 1992
Historical dictionary of the French Revolution 1789-1799 Edited by Samuel F. Scott and Barry Rothaus.
Grad Reference DC 147 .H571 1985
Historical dictionary of the French Second Empire, 1852-1870 Edited by William E. Echard.
Grad Reference DC276 .H571 1985
Historical dictionary of the Third French Republic, 1870-1940 Edited by Patrick J. Hutton.
Grad Reference DC337 .H571 1986
Historical dictionary of World War II France: the Occupation, Vichy, and the Resistance, 1938-1946 Edited by Bertram M. Gordon.
Grad Reference DC 397 .H581 1998
Les Institutions de la France sous la Révolution et l'Empire A classic work by Jacques Godechot, last revised in 1985.
Grad JN2465 .G58 1985
Medieval France : an encyclopedia Covers early 5th-late 15th centuries. Edited by William W. Kibler and Grover A. Zinn.
Grad Reference DC 33.2 .M441 1995
Who's Who in France In French; includes French citizens from around the world, as well as notable foreign residents of France.
Grad Reference CT1000.W63 (latest year only)