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Genealogy Research

Highlights some items of genealogical interest available throughout the library in various formats.

What is Heraldry?

Heraldry refers to the study of coats of arms, although there is a lot of confusion as to what this entails in modern day society. The review process, performed by officials known as heralds, confirmed who was qualified to bear a particular coat of arms and only one person could display it at a time. The role of genealogy in this process stems from petitions from descendants of the male line to display the coat of arms of an ancestor. Heraldry continues to be a fascinating aspect of genealogical research, though its image has been somewhat tarnished by individuals and organizations that seek to profit by offering "official" coats of arms to people that don't understand the traditions that revert back many centuries. As with any other facet of genealogical research, it is important to separate truth from myth by conducting meticulous research including thorough documentation of all findings. Peerage refers to the noble classes typically of British society. Titles were based on heredity, thus the relationship to genealogy.

Materials on heraldry and peerage might be obtained through Interlibrary Loan. Check with your local public library to determine how such items can be obtained by way of Interlibrary Loan.

Heraldry and Peerage Resources at Hatcher

Selected Bibliography of Heraldry and Peerage Materials: