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English 313: Topics in Literary Studies/Makman

Provides resources for Lisa Makman's English 313 courses which are taught every Fall (Fantasies of Childhood) and Winter (Children's Literature and the Invention of Modern Childhood) semester.

Book Review Warning

No Book ReviewsBook review articles are essays that describe whether someone should purchase a book and are not appropriate for use in this course.  Book reviews usually have these qualities

  • The price and ISBN are included in the article
  • There is some general indication of the quality of the book
  • There is not a deep, scholarly analysis of the material; i.e. it is a short article

English Language & Literature Research Guide

Other English Language and Literature resources can be found on the English Language and Literature Research Guide.

Books About Your Text

Search for electronic or print children's literature scholarship in books about your chosen text in The Catalog.

  1. Search the All Fields row for the title of your text
  2. Search the Subject row for the word Criticism


Title Specific Criticism Search in the Catalog

Children's Literature Reference

These books have reliable, scholarly information about children's texts, authors, and concepts.


Articles, including magazine articles, essays, and scholarly articles about children's literature, can be found in these recommended databases.