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English 313: Topics in Literary Studies/Makman

Provides resources for Lisa Makman's English 313 courses which are taught every Fall (Fantasies of Childhood) and Winter (Children's Literature and the Invention of Modern Childhood) semester.

ENG 313 Books on Hold in the Special Collections Research Center

One of the books used for your transmission essay should be from the Special Collections Research Center (SCRC) 

Several editions of each of the stories for this assignment are on hold in the SCRC Reading Room on the 6th floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library South. See this spreadsheet for a complete list of books on hold.

SCRC is open Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10:00AM - Noon and 1:00PM - 5:00 PM.

You do not need an appointment to see the books on hold for this class. Simply let the reading room staff know that you are here to see books on hold for Dr. Lisa Makman's ENG 313 class and tell them which book you wish to see. There will also be a physical copy of the spreadsheet available in the reading room for reference. 

Searching the Catalog for Children's Literature

The most effective way to find children's books from the Children's Literature Collection is to use the Advanced Search in the Catalog.  Once you have navigated to the Catalog and chosen to use the Advanced Search, use the following steps to find children's books.

  1. Type in your search terms in the search boxes.
  2. Choose Hatcher as the Location for your search.
  3. Choose Children's Literature Collection as the Collection for your search.

You must follow the steps in this order for the correct options to appear in the Location and Collection boxes.  This image may help you with your search as well.

Advanced Search image describing how to search UM Library Catalog to retrieve only children's books

Public Library Access

You may want to consider using materials from your local public libraries for your assignment.  Information about how to receive a public library card for the Ann Arbor District Library can be found on their website.