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Maura Seale
209 Harlan Hatcher Graduate Library
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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I'm the librarian for the History Department, which includes: consulting with students and faculty on their research projects; teaching students how to most effectively use library resources and services; liaising with the History Department; developing and managing the Library's collections in American, British, Canadian, and Irish history; purchasing requested materials;
and answering any and all questions about the Library's resources and services.

The research guides listed here should help you get started with your research, but please feel free to ask me questions or make an appointment.

My Guides

Last update: Feb 6, 2024 61 views
Last update: Aug 18, 2023 56 views
Last update: Jan 2, 2024 132 views
History (General)
Last update: Sep 20, 2023 122 views
Last update: Feb 21, 2024 29 views
Last update: Feb 8, 2024 45 views
Last update: Jan 2, 2024 366 views
Last update: Jan 2, 2024 33 views
Last update: Jul 17, 2023 20 views
Last update: Jan 30, 2024 112 views
Primary Sources
Last update: Aug 18, 2023 47 views
United States History
Last update: Jan 3, 2024 157 views

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