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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Provides resources, strategies, and information related to Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Access to Library Materials during Building Closures due to COVID-19

Physical items in our library catalog are not currently available for check-out because of building closures due to COVID-19. During this time:

  • Requests for holds will not be processed.
  • For physical print materials at limited locations, U-M faculty, staff, and students can request to have a small portion scanned under the “Get This” menu. See details. For physical print materials at other locations, the “Get This” option is limited to requests that can be fulfilled with electronic equivalents available from online sources.

To view only online resources in your catalog search results, choose the “Available online” filter. The “Available online” checkbox is the first checkbox listed in the filter options on the catalog search results page.


Additionally, HathiTrust Digital Library is offering Emergency Temporary Access to its digital copies of in-copyright works in our collection. In catalog search results, look for HathiTrust items with links labeled "Full text available (HathiTrust log in required),” and log into HathiTrust after following these links. To access this service directly, go to HathiTrust and log in with your U-M credentials.  For more instructions about accessing these items via HathiTrust, visit the HathiTrust Emergency Temporary Access Instructions guide.


More information about accessing U-M Library resources and services:

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Welcome to the research guide for the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. In it you will find resources and information that will help you with your patient care and research. Click on the tabs on this page to uncover detailed lists of resources to help answer your questions.  Each tab is comprised of the best sources for finding journal articles, drug information, and point of care resources.

If you've been searching and can't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact me! I can:

  • Help with literature searches and searches for systematic reviews
  • Provide one-on-one advice about your research topic
  • Teach you advanced techniques for database searching
  • Assist you with setting up auto alerts for selected search strategies/TOC updates
  • Orient you to an array of library resources available through UM
  • Teach you about citation management tools, such as EndNote or Mendeley, which can save you time when formatting your citations and bibliographies

This guide is provided to assist you in finding the information you need in the field of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Click on the tabs along the top of the page to see the resources in each category.

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