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Political Science 411: Michigan in Washington

Resources for the Michigan in Washington (MIW) program

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Catherine Morse
Government Information, Law and Political Science Librarian

Clark Library

Hatcher Graduate Library 2 South 734-936-2333

Accessing the Library's Resources Remotely

As a University of Michigan student you can use online Library resources from anywhere in the world. If you have any problems or questions please ask! 

Please feel free to contact me (Catherine, info on the left) for any questions specifically about finding statistics, legislative information or political science books and articles. 

Feel free to use the Ask a Librarian chat service for general questions or if you're having access problems

Undergraduate Research Award

Please consider applying to the U-M Library Annual Undergraduate Research Award 

Zotero Key Features

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  • Automatically extract citation information from websites, library catalogs, databases, and more.
  • Save PDF files, images, screenshots, and other files.
  • Record your research notes.
  • Automatically create formatted bibliographies in many different styles.
  • Use Zotero with word processing programs like Microsoft Word.
  • Sync the citations and files you save online.
  • Access your saved information from anywhere.
  • Share your saved information online with groups.
  • Use Zotero -- an open source tool -- for free.

View Zotero video tutorials

View Zotero how-to documentation

To get Started                        

Go to and click on the red Download button.


Zotero Installation Instructions

To install Zotero on your personal computer or laptop and create your online account for syncing:

1) Visit and follow prompts for your browser and operating system.  Download and install Zotero 5.0 for your operating system (Mac or Windows or Linux) on your laptop.  Also install the Zotero Connector for your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, or Safari).



2) Click Register in the top right of the page to create a free online Zotero account for syncing online."


3)  Installing Zotero should also install a Word add-in that lets you integrate Zotero with MS Word.  When you open Word, you should see a Zotero tab in the ribbon, or a Zotero toolbar on older versions of Word. 



If you do not see this, or if you ever need to reinstall the Word add-in, go to Zotero, open Preferences, go to the Cite tab, click on Word Processors, and click on Install (or Reinstall) Microsoft Word Add-in.



4)  To set up syncing between your local Zotero library and you online Zotero account, open your local Zotero Preferences, go to the Sync tab, and enter your account information.  You can also choose whether to sync automatically, and whether or not you wish to sync full text PDFs.






5)  Zotero comes with a handful of popular citation styles installed.  To add additional styles, go to Preferences, pick the Cite tab, and click Styles.  Then click on Get additional styles... and find the style you need by searching in the large list of styles presented, and then click it to add the style you want.