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Political Science 411: Michigan in Washington

Resources for the Michigan in Washington (MIW) program and Polsci 411

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Catherine Morse
Government Information, Law and Political Science Librarian

Clark Library

Hatcher Graduate Library 2 South

Google Scholar

Google Scholar search the full text of millions of journal articles from thousands of books, theses, patents, legal decisions, university websites and other information that Google thinks is "scholarly"

Reminder: don't pay for articles you find online--it's likely the Library can get you access for free!  If you are using Google Scholar off campus you will probably be asked to PAY for journal articles. Don't do it!  

Use the Google Scholar with MGetIt Links, then validate yourself as a UM student. Do your search and you'll see "Availability at UMichigan" links in the results that will bring you to the articles at no cost to you.

Here's how the screen will look if you log in via the library:




Using AND, OR, NOT

  • Think about the words you’re using:

    • Experiment using synonyms, broader or narrower terms

    • Try using quotation marks to search as a phrase- "climate change"

    • Try combining concepts using AND, OR, NOT?


Evaluating Information

Use the 5 W's of Information Evaluation to evaluate websites, articles, and books.