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Korean Studies

Provides selected research resources in the area of Korean Studies, with a particular focus on social sciences and humanities resources.

Searching Library Catalog Search for books and journals in Korean

Most Korean cataloging records in Library Catalog Search include original Korean scripts. However, when searching for a Korean author or title, best results will be obtained by searching in Romanized Korean. The standard romanization scheme used in library catalogs is the McCune-Reischauer System. More detailed information may be found on websites below;



Please click specific search options below;


Searching by Romanized entry

Searching by Korean Han’gul (한글)

Searching by Hancha (漢字)




Searching by Romanized entry


· Author Search:

Personal authors and creators include editors, performers, artists, etc. Group authors and creators include corporate entities, government bodies, conferences, jurisdictions, etc.

For personal authors, type last name first and add a hyphen between two characters of the Korean first name. Romanize as Yi for  or . For group authors, separate each word or lexical unit.

Detailed rules can be found at the Library of Congress site:




이광수 Yi, Kwang-su

박경리 Pak, Kyong-ni

국립중앙박물관Kungnip Chungang Pangmulgwan

이화여자대학교 한국문화연구원 Ihwa Yoja Taehakkyo Hanguk Munhwa Yonguwon


· Keywords Search:

The keyword search is set up to look for any of the words entered from all fields including title, author, subjects, etc. Enclose words in “ ” (quotation marks) to retrieve the exact phrase. If a keyword search retrieves too many catalog records, limit your search by format or publication date.




강만길 “Kang Man-gil”

불교 학회 “pulgyo” “hakhoe”

근대 소설 “kundae” “sosol”


Please note that it is not necessary to enter any diacritics to search for a word.


Searching by Korean Han’gul (한글)


If you are not familiar with how to Romanize a name or word, you can enter it in Korean Han’gul or Hancha. To get a set of most relevant search results, put quotation marks around your search terms in keyword searches. Please note that searching by romanization is the only reliable way to find Korean materials in Library Catalog Search.






조선” “역사

조선 역사

Searching by Hancha (漢字)


Keyword searches will pull up records in all Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages. You can refine the search results by language. As mentioned above, searching by romanization is the only reliable way to find Korean materials in Library Catalog Search.








For further questions regarding searching for Korean materials in Library Catalog Search, please contact the Korean Studies Librarian.

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