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Civil Engineering

Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in Civil Engineering.

CEE Online Textbooks

CEE 431 (Menassa)
Construction contracting: a practical guide to company management by Richard H. Clough, Glenn A. Sears, S. Keoki Sears, Robert O.Segner, and Jerald L. Rounds. 2015. Wiley. 9781119019978. Platform: Ebook Central.

CEE 480 (Olson)
Principles of water treatment by Kerry J. Howe, David W. Hand, John C. Crittenden, R. Rhodes Trussell and George Tchobanoglous. Student ed. 2012. Wiley. 9780470405383. Platform: Ebook Central Online.

MWH's Water Treatment: Principles and design by John C. Crittenden et al. 3rd ed. 2012. Wiley. 9780470405390. Platform: Wiley Online Library.

CEE 511 (Filipov)
Dynamics of structures by J. L. Humar. 3rd ed. 2012. CRC Press. 9780415620864. Platform: Ebook Central online.

Fundamentals of structural dynamics by Roy R. Craig and Andrew J. Kurdila. 2nd ed. 2011. John Wiley and Sons. 9780471430445. Platform: Ebook Libraryonline.

CEE 554 (Masoud)
Machine learning: a probabilistic perspective by Kevin Murphy. 2014. MIT Press. 9780262305242. Platform: Ebook central online.

CEE 564 (Lastoskie)
Carbon capture by Jennifer Wilcox. 2012. Springer. 9781461422143. Platform: SpringerLink. (To purchase a print copy of this book for $25, look for the "buy now" button at the SpringerLink site).

CEE 572 (Lynch)
Dynamics of physical systems by Robert H. Cannon. Dover edition. 2013. Dover Publications. 9780486428659. Platform: ProQuest Ebook Central online.

Linear dynamical systems by John L. Casti. 1987. Academic Press. 0121634515. Platform: ScienceDirect.

Linear dynamical systems by John L. Casti. 1987. Academic Press. 0121634515. Platform: ScienceDirect.

Filtering and system identification: a least squares approach by Michel Verhaegen and Vincent Verdult. 2007. Cambridge University Press. 9780521875127. Platform: Skillsoft books online.

CEE 650 (Li)
Fracture and fatigue control in structures: applications of fracture mechanics by John M. Barsom and Stanley T. Rolfe. 3rd ed. 1999. ASTM. 0803120826. Platform: ASTM international online.

Fracture and fatigue control in structures: applications of fracture mechanics by John M. Barsom and Stanley T. Rolfe. 3rd ed. 1999. ASTM. 0803120826. Platform: Knovel online.

Fracture mechanics of cementitious materials by Brian Cotterell. 1996. Blackie Academic & Professional. 075140036x. Platform: EBSCO eBook collection online.

Fracture of brittle solids by Brian Lawn. 2nd ed. 1993. Cambridge University Press. 0521401763. Platform: Cambridge books online.

The stress analysis of cracks handbook by Hiroshi Tada, Paul C. Paris and George R. Irwin. 3rd ed. 2000. ASME Press. 0791801535. Platform: ASME.

Fracture mechanics: fundamentals and applications by Surjya Kuman Maiti. 2015. Cambridge University Press. 9781107096769. Platform: Cambridge core online.

Civil Engineering

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  • Books: Books available online and in the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library.
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  • Web Resources: Other Internet resources useful in Civil Engineering.
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  • Career Resources: Information to help you learn more about engineering careers and job hunting.

Video Tutorials

The U-M Library has a collection of video tutorials which you can view online.  Visit our Library Video Tutorials Gallery to view a list of videos and watch them!