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Health Services and Policy Research

This guide serves as a portal to key resources for the interdisciplinary field of health services and policy research.

What's on this Page

This page provides resources to help you  identify policies at the federal and state and local level, including COVID-19 policies. If you are looking to find peer-reviewed studies related to policies, please see the databases page in this guide. Resources in the news section of this guide can help you identify policies being discussed.

Sample Policy Memos  | Policy Tracking and Surveillance Tools   |   Federal   |   State and Local | Covid-19 Policies |  Analysis and Evaluation Tools  

Policy Memo Examples

Policy Tracking and Surveillance Tools

Below is a small sample of tracking and surveillance tools. To find other tools, think through which organization might be interested in aggregating this content based on your area of interest.

Analysis & Evaluation Tools

Federal Resources

State and Local Resources