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LabArchives: Best practices for research data management

Using LabArchives to organize, store, share, and archive your research data

Sensitive data (SD) in the ERN - PHI/PII

Sensitive data (SD) does not belong in a paper notebook! While the ERN is approved for storage of sensitive data (SD)*, there are other resources to use, depending on your research. For research data which includes protected health information (PHI) or personally identifiable information (PII):

The Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) should hold SD related to clinical trials

MiChart should hold SD related to clinical care for research participants

OpenClinica should hold SD related to studies or trials. Electronic data capture of study data should also be in OpenClinica when more sophisticated validation checks are needed

  • Validated OpenClinica should hold SD related to FDA-approved studies

REDCap should hold SD where electronic data capture is needed

The ERN can hold SD for which the above conditions don't apply*

ERN is not yet ITAR-compliant


For more information about SD-compliant resources, visit the Sensitive Data Guide to IT Services