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LabArchives: Best practices for research data management

Using LabArchives to organize, store, share, and archive your research data

About LabArchives

The University of Michigan is providing an Electronic Research Notebook (ERN)  for all faculty, students and staff. The ERN provides a secure and compliant replacement for traditional paper lab notebooks, and allows researchers to enjoy the benefits, efficiencies, and long-term cost savings of centralized, paperless data storage. It also aids in lab management, protects intellectual property, facilitates secure collaboration, and offers simple sample tracking.

For more information:

Electronic Research Notebook:


Create your account

Access the ERN using your level-1 login credentials and DUO authentication. To create your account, start at Once you've established your account, you can either create notebooks or access notebooks to which you've been added.


Customizing settings

To customize notebook settings, click the menu option at the far right of the toolbar, and select Notebook settings. From here, you can determine the placement for new entries, turn on commenting features and set your page signing preferences (signing certifies the final version of an entry, page or notebook). 

Select the respective tabs to manage user or group access to your notebook. undefined