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Nutritional Sciences

Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in the nutritional sciences.

Reading the Article Abstract

Simply click on the title of the article to read the abstract.

Article abstract page in PubMed.

Search Tip - Finding More Search Terms

If you're having trouble thinking of search terms or aren't getting the results you expect, & you do find one article that is exactly what you want, look at how that article is indexed.  On the Abstract page, click on the Publications Types, MeSH Terms link below the abstract.  You'll find MeSH terms that you can add to your search to improve your results.

In other databases, indexing terms (such as Emtree & Subject Headings) can be found under the article title.

MGet It - Retrieving Electronic Articles

The University Library purchases many journal subscriptions, whenever possible giving you electronic access.
The  button lets you see if an article in a database is available in print or electronically.
If the article is available electronically, most of the time you'll be taken directly to the article, but occasionally to a menu of options, where you can follow a link to the article, or request a copy from our own print collection or from another library.