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Lusophone Africa

Suggested resources on Portuguese-speaking African countries: Angola, Cabo Verde, Guiné-Bissau, Mozambique, and São Tomé e Príncipe.

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Subject headings and call number ranges

When searching for works of literature (or any other discipline) written *in* the different African Portuguese speaking countries, the subject headings will vary according to the country/topic you are searching for. Names and time periods can be changed to fit your research needs. On occasions, subject headings in some databases appear in Portuguese, so make sure that you try the different possibilities.  Some subject headings may include:

Literatura expressão portuguesa

Literatura Africana (Português)

African literature (Portuguese)

Portuguese-speaking countries


Authors, African –20th century

Mozambican fiction (Portuguese)

Literature and society - Angola

Angolan fiction (Portuguese)

Short stories, Cape Verdean (Portuguese)

Mozambique -- History -- Revolution, 1964-1975 -- Personal narratives, Portuguese

Mozambican literature (Portuguese) -- 20th century -- History and criticism



Some books on Lusophone African literature in Hatcher Library will appear under the Dewey System and others under the Library of Congress (LOC) classification styles. Here are the ranges for both.




General -- Literary history and criticism                   PQ 9900-

Angola                                                                       PQ9920-

Moçambique                                                             PQ9930-

Cabo Verde                                                              PQ9942-

Guiné-Bissau                                                           PQ9945-

São Tomé e Príncipe                                               PQ9948-


Angola -- History                                                       DT1264. J36-

Moçambique -- History                                             DT3337.A971-                                         

Cabo Verde -- History                                               DT671. C2-

Guiné-Bissau-- History                                             DT 613.5 .L621-

São Tomé e Príncipe -- History                                DT 615 .A3 A32-



Portuguese Language- Reference                         869B

Lusophone African- Literature and criticism           869.8