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EndNote Basic

Provides an introduction to a free, web-based version of the citation management software, EndNote, that is best used as a collaborative tool.

Sharing Groups With Others

EndNote Basic allows users to share their groups (or folders) of citations with other EndNote Basic users. You can choose to allow others to see a group or give them the ability to add, remove, or edit the citations in the group. To share groups with others:

1. Click "manage my groups" under the "Organize" tab

2. Click the "Manage Sharing" button for the group you'd like to share


3. Click "Start sharing this group"

4. Enter e-mail addresses for the people you'd like to share with. Make sure you use the e-mail address they use for their EndNote Basic account! Select  Read Only if you don't want them to make changes to the group. Select "Read and Write" if you want them to be able to add citations to the group. Click Apply to save changes.

Accessing Groups Shared With You

You can see the groups others have shared with you on in the "Groups Shared by Others" section of the left-hand menu, or by clicking "Others' Goups" in the "Organize" tab.

Going through the Organize tab allows you to see more information about the groups, such as the number of citations and who shared the group with you.

Sharing References with EndNote Basic