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EndNote Basic

Provides an introduction to a free, web-based version of the citation management software, EndNote, that is best used as a collaborative tool.

Creating Groups

EndNote Basic makes it easy to organize your citations into groups, by topic, project, or any other category that makes sense to you.

Create a group in 2 places: 1) On the My References tab, use the dropdown menu to find the New Group option, or

    Add a reference in your library to a group on the My References page


2) from the Organize tab, select Manage My Groups, then use the New Group button.

                     A 2nd way to create a group is to go to the Organize tab & select Managemey groups                                    

Add references to a group by selecting them on the My References tab and using the dropdown menu to add them to a group. 

 Add references to a group from the My References page. Select references by clicking each one, the use the dropdown menu to select the group they should be added to.


Any references that you don't place in any group will automatically be put in the Unfiled group. The panel that shows the groups of your library can be hidden. Click on the Show panel message on the left of the window to make this panel appear..

All groups can be seen in a left hand panel . This may be hidden; click the See panel message on the left.