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SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology

Recommended resources for students in SOC 100.

About this page

The resources on this page will help you to get an overview of scholarly work on your topic. 

  • Encyclopedia articles are written by scholars in the field, and usually provide a succinct picture of the issue at hand.  They also provide pointers to important theorists, researchers, and literature on the topic.
  • Literature reviews usually provide an organized look at the history of research on a topic.  They can be long, but they will spell out many of the important scholarly trends related to your issue.

Sociology Encyclopedias

Search across subject specific academic encyclopedias

Limit the Format to "Reference" to bring up results from academic encyclopedias.


Examples of subject specific academic encyclopedias include:

Finding Literature Reviews

A literature review article will help you get an overview of the research that's been done on a theoretical question.

These are two sources that publish review articles exclusively. You may also find literature review articles mixed in with your search results in scholarly article databases like Sociological Abstracts.