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Data Management Plans (ENG)

Provides guidance & resources for researchers in the College of Engineering who are writing a Data Management Plan.


This page is an informational page about metadata. Current DMP guidelines are not specific about metadata requirements.

A metadata record is a file that captures all details about a data set that another researcher would need to make use of the data set in a separate or related line of inquiry. Metadata captures the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the data you produce. When data curators talk about metadata they are normally referring to a machine-readable description that comes in a standardized format, often defined by an XML schema.

Questions to Consider

  • What contextual details (metadata) are needed to make your data meaningful?
  • What form or format will the metadata describing your data take? Which metadata standards will you use? If there is no applicable standard, how will you describe your data in a way that will make them accessible to others?
  • How will metadata files be generated for each of the data sets that you produce? Who will do the work of data description and how will the costs be borne?
  • Who on your team will be responsible for ensuring that metadata standards are followed and are correctly applied to the corresponding data sets?