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Library Research Guides

Manage Citations with Zotero, Mendeley, RefWorks, and EndNote

Provides guidance on how to use choose a citation management program and how-to use various citation management programs.

Exporting to Bibtex

EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, Paper2, and RefWorks all export to BibTex.  Most of the library subscription databases don't export a Bibtex file format.  

Exporting from RefWorks to Bibtex

Log into your RefWorks account and save all the references you will be using in BibTex into a folder.  Then go to the File menu-->Export and export the folder as a BibTex-RefWorks ID file type.



A text file containing information for each of your references should appear (if it doesn't, click Download It). From the File menu, select Save Page As. Navigate to the directory where you are storing your manuscript. Change the name of the file that you are saving to filename.bib. Then click Save. This will save your references in the correct format for BibTeX to read and create a bibliography from.

To link the bibliography file that you just downloaded to your document, you need to enter two commands:

\bibliographystyle{style} should go just inside your \begin{document} command. style.bst is the name of the style file dictating the format of your bibliography.

\bibliography{filename} should go wherever you want LaTeX to generate the bibliography. filename.bib is the name of the file that you just downloaded from RefWorks containing your exported references.

What is Bibtex?

BibTex is reference management software typically used with the LaTex typesetting program.  For more information visit

BibTex is not officially supported by ScholarSpace because it doesn't integrate well with very many of our databases.  However, we do encourage BibTex users to save references from databases with citation management software and then export that content into the BibTex format.