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GIS, Map and Statistics: Korea

Provides map, statistics, and GIS data resources with regard to Korea.

Government Organization

Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs (국토해양부)


Railroad information

 Korail (Korea Railord Corporation, 코레일)

   : Provide download service of railroad statictial year book from 2000 to present. Korean version only.

Highway Information

Korean Expressway Corporation (한국 도로공사) 

Provide statistics about traffic density in expressway.

Subway Information

  • Seoul Metropolitican rapis Transit Corporation (서울특별시도시철도공사)

   SMRT (English version)

   SMRT (Korean version)

  • Incheon Transit Corporation ( 인천교통공사)

    ITC (Korean version)

  • Gwangju Metropolitan Rapid Transit Corporation (광주광역시 도시철도공사 )

    GMRTC (English version)

    GMRTC (Korean version)

  • Busan Transportation Corporation (부산교통공사)

    BTC (English version)

    BTC (Korean version)

  •  Daegu Metropolitan Transit Corporation (대구도시철도공사)

    DMTC (English/Korean version)

  • Daejeon Metropolitan Express Transit Corporation (대전도시철도공사 )

    DMETC (Korean version only)