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Mechanical Engineering Capstone

A starting point for the literature review for MECHENG design projects in ME 450, ME 455 or ME 490.

Citing Sources in the ASME Style

The ASME citation style mostly follows the Chicago Manual of Style. The info below comes from the ASME general overview of their citation style

  • Within the text, references should be cited in numerical order according to their order of appearance. The numbered reference citation within text should be enclosed in brackets.
  • In the case of two citations, the numbers should be separated by a comma [1,2]. In the case of more than two references, the numbers should be separated by a dash [5-7].
  • References should be listed together at the end of the paper; footnotes should not be used for this purpose.
  • References should be arranged in numerical order according to the sequence of citations within the text. Each reference should include the last name of each author followed by initials.

How to Cite Different Information Types

Book or eBook

Author, A.A., Author, B.B., and Author, C.C., Year, Book Title. Publisher Name, Publisher Location, DOI. 

Example: Smith, J., 2014, A Dog’s Life in Berlin. Oxford University Press, New York. DOI: 10.1055/acprof.oso/97890.0394.000.

Note: A book will only have a DOI (Digital Object Identifier) if it's accessed online. 

Chapter within a book or ebook

Author, A.A., Author, B.B., and Author, C.C., Year, "Chapter Title," Book Name. A.A. Editor, B.B. Editor. and C.C. Editor, eds., Publisher Name, Publisher Location, page numbers.

Example: Stevens, T. T., 1999, “Stochastic Fields and Their Digital Simulation,” Stochastic Methods. T. A. Sulle, and M. Siiu, eds., Martinius Publishers, Dordrecht, Germany, pp. 22-36.

Article from a Scholarly Journal

Author, A.A., Author, B.B., and Author, C.C., Year, "Article Title," Journal Name, Volume Number(Issue Number), Pages. 

Example: Zhang, T. W., Khun, C., Liu, Q., and Miller, A. P., 2011, “Self-Healing Techniques,” Nature, 332(6662), pp. 888-892.

Conference Proceeding

Author, A.A., Author, B.B., and Author, C.C., Year, "Conference Proceeding Title," Conference Proceedings Name, Conference Location, Conference Date, Conference Proceeding Number, Pages. 

Example: Wions, T. T., and Mills, C. D., 2006, “Structural Dynamics in Parallel Manipulation,” Proceedings of the IDETC/CIE, New Orleans, LA, September 10-13, 2005, ASME Paper No. DETC2005-99532, pp. 777-798.

Technical Report

Author, A.A., Author, B.B., and Author, C.C., Year, "Title of Technical Report," Agency Name Report Number. 

Example: Oligaria, T. T., Fredy, C. W., Popullo, A. Z., and Tucker, M. A., 2011, “Characterization of PKM Dynamics,” SAE Technical Paper No. 2011-02-8345, 07ATC-96.


Inventor, A.A., Inventor, B.B., and Inventor, C.C., Patent Name. Patent Number (including country), filing date, and issue date.  

Example: Iizuka, M., and Hideki T. Cement admixture. US Patent 4,586,960, filed June 26, 1984, and issued May 6, 1986.


Name of standard granting organization. Title of standard. Standard number. Publisher location: Publisher name. Date approved. 

Example: National Information Standards Organization. Bibliographic References. ANSI/NISO Z39.29-2005. Bethesda, MD: NISO, approved June 9, 2005; reaffirmed May 13, 2010.


"Website Title," Title/description of website as a whole, Owner/organization Name, Date of Publication or Revision, URL.

Example: “Apps for Office Sample Pack,” Office Dev Center, Microsoft Corporation, updated October 20, 2015,

Note: Provide as much information as possible. A date of publication or revision is preferred. If not available, use date of access. 

Example references from: ASME Journals Digital Submission Tool Guidelines and Information - References and The Chicago Manual of Style