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Library Research Guides

History Honors Colloquium

Resources for students in UM's History Honors Colloquium: how to find background information on a topic, how to search the library catalog, how to locate primary and secondary sources in a variety of formats, and how to create and manage citations.

Cited Reference Searching

One way to follow the scholarly conversation around a topic is to find out who has cited a particular book or article. One way to do this is through a cited reference search. Some of the article indexing databases will have links to articles and books that that have cited a source, but the two main places to begin are:

ISI Web of Science Cited Reference Search:

1) Click on "cited reference search" from across the top of the page. On the "cited author" line, type in the author's last name, and the first initial (followed by an asterisk). It's also helpful to include the year on the "cited years" line. Click "Search."

2) Scan the list and click the box next to all of the references that match the article or book you are looking for. You may find multiple matches, and this is because the work may have been cataloged in different ways by different databases.

3) Once you've checked off all the possible matches (and this may require looking at more than one page of results), click "Finish Search" at the bottom of the page. This will bring you to a list of works that have cited the one that you searched for.

Google Scholar: (Use this link to get MGetIt links.)

1) Type the name of the book or article (in quotation marks) into the search box. Click search.