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Library Research Guides

History Honors Colloquium

Resources for students in UM's History Honors Colloquium: how to find background information on a topic, how to search the library catalog, how to locate primary and secondary sources in a variety of formats, and how to create and manage citations.

Databases that Include Book Reviews

Reviews of Recent Historical Scholarship

The American Historical Review publishes hundreds of reviews every year, and you can search them directly through JStor.

The Times Literary Supplement has been reviewing books since 1902.  The Historical Archive covers 1902-2005 and the Subscriber Archive covers 1994 to the present.

The New York Review of Books includes reviews from 1963 to the present.

The London Review of Books

ISIS covers scholarship on the history of science and includes book reviews.

Reviews in American History.

H-NET (since 1995): An online source for scholarly reviews in the humanities and social sciences.

Bryn Mawr Classical Review

The Medieval Review (since 1993)

Internationale Bibliographie der Rezensionen wissenschaftlicher Literatur. An international index to book reviews in the humanities and social sciences.  Each year is divided into 5 sections: A) authors reviewed, B) reviewers, C) titles, D) subjects, and E) periodicals covered. Instructions in English at the front of each volume.

Reviews of Older Books