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Grey Literature

Provides resources and information on how to search for "grey literature."

What's on this page

This page provides strategies for finding grey literature. Grey literature is an important part of the evidence base for health services research but can be difficult to search in a systematic way. You'll find three core strategies for identifying this type of content.   See the  Grey Literature Research Guide for many other resources

#1 Going directly to organization #2 Searching Portals Aggregating Grey Literature#3 Google Advanced Searches 

Strategy #2: Portals

Below are some resources that can help you identify organizations and/or search directly for grey literature.

Strategy #3: Google Advanced Searches

Google offers a great way to track down grey literature resources. Use the advanced search limits below to focus your search.

Limit to a domain:

  • site:org  
  • site:gov
  • site:com

Find Related Sites:


Limit to filetype:

  • filetype:pdf (or doc, ppt)

Search for words in a URL:


Search for sites that link to site of interest:

  • link 

Find quick information about a site:


Strategy #1: Going Directly to Organization's Website

Below are some top non-governmental organizations & federal agencies working in the health sciences. Since there is a seemingly endless number of organizations that produce grey literature, searching portals & using Google Advanced searches to identify names can be an effective way to find grey literature when you don't know where to begin.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Government Agencies (Federal)