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United Kingdom Government Resources

Resources for locating information pertaining to the UK Parliament, its devolved governments, and other applicable resources including parliamentary papers and command papers

Foreign Affairs

* British documents on foreign affair

Provide reports and papers from the Great Britain foreign office confidential print.

* UK State papers

* Empire Online

Access over 70,000 images of oruginal documents related to Birtish Empire Studies. The images are sourced from libraries and archives aound wolrd, including a storng core of document images from the British Library. The collection consist of five thematic sections: Cultural contatcs, Literature, The Visual Empire:Exhibitions, Religion, and Race, Class, Colonialism and Imperialism.  UMUser only.

British and Foreign State papers

* 17th-18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers

Provide the newspapers, pamplhlets, and books of early English news media gathered by the Reverand Charles Burney(1757-1817). For example London Gazette (02/01/1666-09/25/1792) inlcuded foreign despatches, government notices and also news relating to trade and buisiness.