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Health Sciences Mobile Devices Resources

Resources for mobile devices in health sciences.

For Dental Professionals

3D Head & Neck Skeleton System: Concentrates on the bones of the head and neck. Allows users to zoom in and identify an individual bone or a part of a bone.




iOS l Android

Evidence-based Dentistry (Note: for iOS users, bookmark the site in Safari).  

Mobile-friendly website


Patient Education

BrushDJ: A free toothbrush timer that alerts you when it is time to change sections. 
Teeth CareA helpful consumer guide to dentistry. From the National Institute on Aging. 

Patient Education: For Children

iBrush: Instructions and timer for proper brushing.


Monster Mouth DDS: As a dentist for monsters, you'll journey into the cavernous mouths of enormous monsters to solve their dental problems before their mouths slam shut!

iOS l Android

StarTeeth: Makes oral health fun for children.


Tooth Fairy: From Colgate.