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Art, Architecture and Engineering Library (AAEL) Orientation

Information to help students navigate the library and related resources, specifically focused on AAEL.

Research Tips & Tricks

To get the most out of your time while conducting library research, use these tips & tricks.

Tip: Construct a Search
Tricks: Use boolean, phrases, parentheses, and synonyms to conduct multiple searches. Don't give up - good research often takes time and requires multiple searches in multiple databases.

Tip: Use Library Catalog Search to search for books and to see if we have access to a specific journal.
Tricks: Use the Advanced Search to put limits on your results. When you find a book that is particularly useful, click on the subject headings to find more books with the same subjects. Use "Get this" to request a book be delivered from library to library.

Tip: Use a database to find articles and conference papers
Tricks: For a comprehensive look at the literature, search in multiple databases. Think about the kind of source(s) you are looking for - it may help inform what database you choose. Don't be afraid to just click around to see what features the database has - you might discover a feature that will be a time-saver or super helpful.

Tip: Manage your research
Trick: Citation management software can be helpful for keeping your papers and citations organized. EndNote, Mendeley, and Zotero are examples. 

Tip: Ask for help
Trick: Contact your librarian directly (see the Contact a Librarian on the Home tab), or use the Ask a Librarian service. We promise that we'll be able to save you time and frustration!