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Film, Television & Media / Screen Arts & Cultures

Selected resources useful for conducting research on moving image media of all kinds, including cinema (popular movies, documentaries, animation, etc.), television, and digital media (video games, etc.).

Sources of still images

AccuNet/Associated Press Photo Archive Online access to over 500,000 photos with detailed captions from the AP news wire. Includes all photos from US and abroad added in the previous 365 days (800 per day) plus many selected older photos from 1844 to the present. Updated continuously. Includes many stills from film and television, and photos of actors, directors, publicity events, etc.
Silent Film Still Archive An archive of original photos, advertising, and other memorabilia from silent films, and a few early sound films (especially those featuring silent film performers).
Worldwide Internet access.
Silent Ladies & Gents Photo galleries and profiles of silent movie stars, with 15,000 images of 1,400 silent stars.
Worldwide Internet access.