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Library Research Guides

Film & Video Studies / Screen Arts & Cultures

Selected resources useful for conducting research on moving image media of all kinds, including cinema (popular movies, documentaries, animation, etc.), television, and digital media (video games, etc.).

These catalogs provide details about individual films and filmmakers, including lists of articles about them.

American Film Institute (AFI) Catalog Provides comprehensive filmographic information (credits, plot summaries, etc.) on over 47,500 American films, including citations to articles and reviews published while the films were in production and initial release. Indexed by thematic subject headings and over one million personal name entries, including more than 500,000 actors and 27,000 directors. Covers films produced 1893-1970 (with coverage from 1951-60 nearly complete).
Film Index International British Film Institute database providing filmographic information (credits, synopses) for over 120,000 films produced in over 170 countries worldwide, including citations to critical articles published from the film's initial release to the present. Also provides filmographies for, and citations to articles about 720,000+ film personalities. Covers films produced since 1928 (the sound era), plus earlier films by sound-era directors only.
Film Indexes Online Combined access to the American Film Institute (AFI) Catalog, Film Index International (FII), and the FIAF International Index to Film Periodicals databases. Permits cross-searching of all three databases simultaneously, with results grouped under the name of the database they came from. The first few results from each database are displayed, with links that lead to the full set of results inside that database.