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The Hatcher Library law collection is primarily a collection about law and how it relates to society. The Law Library has a more comprehensive collection developed for legal scholars and practitioners

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Catherine Morse
Government Information, Law and Political Science Librarian

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Hatcher Graduate Library 2 South

Finding Sources of Law

Constitutions, statutes, regulations and cases are all sources of law. At both the federal and state level lawmaking power is divided among the three branches of government: legislative, executive and judicial. 

  • The legislative branch creates laws that are passed and published as statutes
  • The executive branch creates administrative laws in the form of regulations, executive orders and directives
  • The judicial branch creates laws in the form of decisions that are published as opinions and cases.

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Legal Research Help

Law Library Collection

The Graduate Library collects works about law and how it relates to society. The collection contains the major sources of law for the U.S. and the state of Michigan. Researchers doing in-depth legal research may need to visit the Law Library

Legal Research Guides from the U-M Law Library