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Provides guidance on information resources and search strategies on conducting library research in psychology.

Popular Psychology & Self-Help Books at the U-M Library

As an academic library, the focus of our psychology collections are on scholarly, research, and theory orientated works; popular "self-help" books are purchased only on a very limited level. You may find the public library to be a better resource for popular titles. However, you will find some selected popular titles in the collection. U-M researchers and scholars who require popular titles (for their work) not already in the collection are welcome to contact the Psychology Librarian with their purchase requests.

Finding Popular Self-Help Books in the Library Catalog

Professional Guides to Recommended Self-Help Books


bibliotherapy n. a form of therapy that uses structured reading material. Bibliotherapy is often used as an adjunct to psychotherapy for such purposes as reinforcing specific in-session concepts or strategies or enhancing lifestyle changes. Carefully chosen readings are also used by some individuals as self-help tools to foster personal growth and development, for example, by facilitating communication and open discussion of problems or enhancing self-concept.

Definition from the APA Dictionary of Psychology, edited by Gary R. VandenBos, American Psychological Association, 2015.

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