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Language Learning

Suggests resources around U-M campus and online to help with your language learning journey.

Foreign Language News

Reading magazines and newspapers in other languages is a great way to build up your reading comprehension. Below are some resources on where to find news media and magazines in foreign languages


While there are a multitude off podcasts in different languages, the podcasts below offer stories and news for multiple languages suitable for those at an beginner to intermediate proficiency level:

  • Radio Lingua
    Radio Lingua is the umbrella organization that produces Language Coffee Break podcasts such as Coffee Break Spanish and Coffee Break Italian. These podcast episodes feature the reading of a short text about topics such as art, sports, culture, or history followed by a sentence-by-sentence analysis of the text in English, explaining various vocabulary words and grammatical concepts.
  • Duolingo
    You may know Duolingo as a language learning app, however the company has several podcasts for language learning. As of right now, the two languages offered are English and French, but more languages are possible in the future. These podcasts are geared towards individuals with intermediate proficiency levels and features stories told by native speakers of French and Spanish.
  • News in Slow
    Listening to the news is another great way to build up listening comprehension, however some language learners may struggle with the talking speed of news anchors. News in Slow has a paid subscription option, but free clips of audio are available on Spotify.