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Language Learning

Suggests resources around U-M campus and online to help with your language learning journey.

Finding Print Materials

When looking for print materials at the University of Michigan, a helpful first place to start is the a catalog search. You can choose to search for specific titles, keywords, or authors as well as filter by subject or language. Below are collections that have print materials in foreign languages:

  • UM Library Catalog Search
    Catalog Search results will include everything in our physical collection (books, audio, video, maps, musical scores, archival materials, and more), as well as materials available online such as electronic books, streaming audio and video, and online journals.
  • Language Resource Center Catalog
    The Language Resource Center has a variety of printed materials such as dictionaries, language workbooks, and textbooks for independent study as well as a collection of books and comics. Additionally, the Language Resource Center has a small selection of textbooks used in language courses that can be read in the center.

In addition to searching in catalogs, visiting collections in person can be a great way to browse for materials if you're not sure what you're looking for. The Language Resource Center and the Asia Library Reading Room are great places to sit down and read popular books and graphic novels in other languages! 

Finding Films

Watching films and television series in the language you're learning is a great way to help with language comprehension, vocabulary, and pronunciation. The University of Michigan has access to many foreign language films both through our film collections and through our streaming platforms. Below is where you can search for foreign language films at the University of Michigan:

  • Askwith Media Library
    The Askwith Media Library, located in the Shapiro Undergraduate Library, has an extensive selection of films that can be checked out for class or research. The Askwith collection can be searched through the UM Library catalog.
  • Language Resource Center
    The Language Resource Center maintains a collection of foreign films that can be viewed within the center. These films are also used in many of the university's language classes. The Language Resource Center's film collection can be searched through the LRC's Catalog. For more information on using films in language classes, please check out the streaming page on the LRC Website.
  • Streaming Platforms
    In addition to the University's physical media collections, the UM Library has access to several online video databases. For more information on streaming through the UM Library, check out the Library Digital Films Service LibGuide!