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Attachment Across the Lifespan (PSYCH 457-001)

Winter 2023 - Prof. Jodl

APA Style

Online Tutorial and Guides

Tutorial from APA that walks students and researchers through the basics of APA 7

Using PsycINFO Tools to Copy and Paste the APA citation

When you find an article in PsycINFO, you can use the Cite Tool to copy and paste the APA citation.

  • Make sure you are in the article record (click the title of the article in the results list)
  • Look for the Tools menu on the right-hand column
    • Toggle the expand/collapse button if you can't see the Tools menu
  • Click the Cite Tool
  • A Citation Format box will open with the pre-formatted citation in a number of different styles
  • Scroll down to find the APA citation
    • Copy and paste it into your bibliography
  • Make sure to always double-check the citation for accuracy! These citations are machine-generated and occasionally contain errors.

screenshot showing location of Cite Tool


screenshot showing where to scroll down to find the APA citation