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Civil Engineering

Provides resources, strategies, and information on conducting research in Civil Engineering.

Civil Engineering

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  • Databases: Links to databases for Civil Engineering research.
  • Books: Books available online and in the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library.
  • Standards: A quick guide to finding standards.
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  • Professional Organizations: Associations/societies that are important for civil engineers.
  • Career Resources: Information to help you learn more about engineering careers and job hunting.

Winter 2017 Civil and Environmental Engineering Textbooks Online

Below is a list of Winter 2017 Civil and Environmental Engineering course textbooks that are available electronically through the library. Click on your class department abbreviation to see if your textbook is available. To access the electronic version, click on the title of the book, then click on the "Available Online" link that appears in the catalog record. If you run into problems accessing an e-book, please report them to Ask a Librarian

THIS IS NOT AN OFFICIAL TEXTBOOK LIST. Books listed here may be either required textbooks or supplemental texts. Your faculty will provide you the titles of required textbooks for your classes. All engineering textbooks are available on course reserve at the Art, Architecture & Engineering Library.

Civil and Environmental Engineering Online Textbooks

CEE 431 (Stino)
Construction contracting: a practical guide to company management by Richard H. Clough, Glenn A. Sears, S. Keoki Sears, Robert O. Segner and Jerald L. Rounds. 8th ed. 2015. John Wiley and Sons. 9781118693216. Platform: Ebook Library.

CEE 465 (Love)
Water and wastewater engineering by Mackenzie L. Davis. 2011. McGraw-Hill. 9780073397863. Platform: MyiLibrary (Access to this e-book is limited to 9 concurrent users).

CEE 501 Section 068 (Masoud)
Machine learning: a probabilistic perspective by Kevin Murphy. 2014. MIT Press. 9780262305242. Platform: Ebook Library.

Machine learning: a probabilistic perspective by Kevin Murphy. 2012. MIT Press. 9780262305242. Platform: ebrary.

CEE 501 Section 120 (Kamat)
BIM handbook: a guide to building information modeling for owners, managers, designers, engineers, and contractors by Charles M. Eastman. 2nd ed. 2011. John Wiley & Sons. 9780470541371. Platform: Books24x7 EngineeringPro online.

Fundamentals of building construction materials and methods by Edward Allen and Joseph Iano. 5th ed. 2009. Wiley. 9780470074688. Platform: ebrary.

CEE 509 (Barber)
Elasticity by J.R. Barber. 3rd ed. 2010. Springer. 9789048138081. Platform: SpringerLink (To purchase a print copy of this book for $25, look for the "buy now" button at the SpringerLink site).

Theory of elasticity by L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz. 3rd ed. 1986. Pergamon Press. 9780750626330. Platform: ScienceDirect.

CEE 511 (Filipov)
Fundamentals of structural dynamics by Roy R. Craig and Andrew J. Kurdila. 2nd ed. 2011. John Wiley and Sons. 9780471430445. Platform: Ebook Library online.

Dynamics of structures by J. Humar. 3rd ed. 2012. CRC Press. 97804715620864. Platform: Ebook Library online.

CEE 520 (Ivanov)
Hydrology: an introduction by Wilfried Brutsaert. 2005. Cambridge University Press. 05211531861. Platform: Knovel online.

CEE 526 (Wright)
Hydraulics of pipelines: pumps, valves, cavitation, transients by J. Paul Tullis. 1989. Wiley. 0471832855. Platform: Wiley Online Library.

CEE 580 (Olson)
Water quality engineering: physical/chemical treatment processes analysis by Mark M. Benjamin, Desmond F. Lawler. 2013. John Wiley & Sons. 9781118169650. Platform: ebrary.

Water quality engineering: physical/chemical treatment processes analysis by Mark M. Benjamin, Desmond F. Lawler. 2013. John Wiley & Sons. 9781118169650. Platform: EBSCOhost (Access to this e-book is limited to 3 concurrent users).

CEE 592 (Daigger and Love)
Biological wastewater treatment by C.P. Leslie Grady, Jr. 3rd ed. 2011. CRC Press. 9781420009637. Platform: Ebook Library.

CEE 597 (Wigginton)
Environmental organic chemistry by Rene P. Schwarzenbach, Philip M. Gschwend and Dieter M. Imboden. 3rd ed. 2016. John Wiley & Sons. 9781118767238. Platform: Ebook Library online.

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