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Health Sciences Mobile Devices Resources

A guide to resources for mobile devices in health sciences.


This guide provides a list of mobile-friendly resources offered through Taubman Health Sciences Library, as well as information on how to access and install them.  Please note:  subscription resources often require that you first register yourself and/or your device.

Resources are divided by subject, with availability noted by device type.


Purchasing a Mobile Device

For more information on using mobile devices on campus:

UpToDate Anywhere Tip Sheet for Clinicians with MiChart Access

Do you have access to MiChart?  If so, you can now access UpToDate via your mobile device following the instructions below.

DynaMed App

DynaMed now has a new app that eliminates the serial number issue.  Use the links below to download & install the app on your mobile device.

iOS l Android

Configuring Outlook on Your Mobile Device

For medical students:  How to use & configure U of M Health System (UMHS) Outlook email.

Apps from Michigan

Eyes Have It: A pocket reference for eye pathology, with almost every type of pathology you would see in a primary care, urgent care, or ER setting. $$

iOS l Android

Heart Sound Challenge: Designed to develop the confidence of students or health care professionals in their ability to use the stethoscope to examine patients' hearts, using an engaging, game-like environment. $$


Nerve Whiz: Learn the complex anatomy of nerve roots, plexuses, & peripheral nerves.


Neuro Localizer HD: Enter symptoms or abnormal exam & the neuroanatomic pathways are drawn out. Neuro Localizer will show where the pathways overlap in the central or peripheral nervous system. iPad only. 


PainTrek: Track, analyze, & talk about pain, using an innovative "paint your pain" interface to easily enter the intensity & area of pain by dragging over a 3D head model. 


Plain Language Medical Dictionary: Find definitions of common medical terms in easy-to-understand language.


Return2Play: Concussion recovery journal app that helps concussion patients track their activities & symptoms to share with their healthcare team. $$


Second Look: A study aid that provides a series of histology slides for users to self-test their level of knowledge and ability to recognize histological structures. Free / $$

iOS l Android

Stroke Track: Capture patient detailsl; includes NIH stroke scale, potential complications, and tPA dose calculations. 


UMSkinCheck: For skin cancer self exam & surveillance; allows users to complete & store a full body photographic library. track detected moles/lesions, access informational videos & literature, & fill out a melanoma risk calculator. 


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