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Citation Help

Guide for students who have questions about citing sources correctly.

What is RefWorks?

RefWorks is a web-based citation management service used for storing and organizing citations, as well as automatically formatting bibliographies with Microsoft Word. 

It is similar to EndNote, but your citations are stored on the RefWorks server rather than on your local machine and thus you must be connected to the Internet to use RefWorks.

RefWorks is free to University of Michigan faculty, students and staff while you are part of the University.

RefWorks will help you:

Organize – RefWorks enables researchers to organize and manage their research data. 

     Access – RefWorks allows users to access their databases from any Web-connected source.

   Collaborate – RefWorks offers a tool which provides users with a quick and easy way to share their research via the Web, allowing viewers the ability to provide feedback and create bibliographies, further enhancing collaborative research.


Help with RefWorks

Students, staff and faculty can get RefWorks assistance at ScholarSpace:

  •  Located on the second floor of the Hatcher Graduate Library. Walk in, call ahead ((734) 647-7406) or e-mail to make an appointment.

Video Tutorials

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at Yale University produced several RefWorks video tutorials. The videos you will see throughout this guide were used with permission from Yale University. To see their full collection of RefWorks videos visit:

Bibliography Managers

There are online tools to help you organize citations and format your bibliography.  

Bibliographic Management Software is a broad term for programs that will save electronic citations and automatically format them according to the users' preferred style.

Refworks is one of the programs available to UM students. 

It is a useful tool for keeping track of many citations and saves valuable formatting time.

There are other bibliographic management tools available as well. Here is a link to a guide with additional information

courtesy of ScholarSpace at the Graduate Library.

Citation Generators

Having trouble formatting your citations? Use one of these tools to automatically generate a citation for books, journals, newspapers and more in APA, MLA, or Chicago style.

Quick Tips

  • Citation managers are very helpful, but can sometimes be wrong. Check your citations against the proper style guidelines, just to be sure the formatting is correct.

  • Be aware that some citation managers are accessible without a fee by being affiliated with UM (e.g. RefWorks), but others must be purchased (e.g. EndNote, ProCite).