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Digital resources in neuroscience.

Science Podcast


Nature Podcasts


Podcasts in the Sciences

Podcasts that are available on websites via RSS feeds or in a resource such iTunes.

Nature:  Produces a rich array of podcasts that highlight stories covered in their journals. All podcasts are archived on the site back to the first episode in October 2005.

Science:  Produces 2 podcasts/month that contain excellent coverage of articles published in the journal, but with an interesting down-to-earth tone appropriate for any audience.

Scientific American: has two podcast series: 60-Second Science and Science Talk. 60-Second Science is posted every weekday and contains one-minute reports that explore an interesting scientific topic. Science Talk, on the other hand, is posted weekly and covers a variety of scientific topics in each 20-minute show.

New Scientist:  Short, 12-minute podcasts that include topical news stories, informative interviews, & fun competitions.

Digg Podcasts: Science and Medicine:  Great for news & for finding out what the hottest sites on the web are. Includes podcasts on science & medicine.

Science Friday:  Excellent weekly coverage of the top stories in science and technology.