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Library Research Guides

Information & Library Science

A guide of useful resources for U-M School of Information (UMSI) students, and for research in the interdisciplinary field of information and library science.

New Books

Recently acquired books related to information science 


Start here for books (including e-books)

Mirlyn, library catalog (Find books, e-books, newspapers and magazines, movies, and more)

  • Search for books by keyword, subject, title, author, etc.
  • Need a specific journal, periodical or newspaper?  Check the library's coverage of a particular periodical/source by looking up the title in Mirlyn, the library catalog. From the drop-down menu, choose "Journal/Serial name" and search for the title. For example, you can view the Mirlyn record for the New Orleans Times-Picayune here. The "holdings" tab tells you that we have electronic access to this newspaper through several different databases, with different dates of coverage.

SEARCH TIPS for Mirlyn, library databases, and the web (applicable to many search engines, including Google, but not all)

  • Use Boolean searching!
  • Put phrases in quotation marks:  "user experience"
  • Use an asterisk for truncation (any ending of a term):  communicat* will find communication, communicates, communicating, communicator, etc.
  • To search for ANY  of a group of terms, use OR and parentheses:  (movies OR film OR cinema)
  • To search for ALL terms, use AND:  violence AND movies
  • Combine the above strategies:  violence AND (movies OR film OR cinema OR "motion pictures")

Subject Headings

The best way to find books on a topic in Mirlyn, the library catalog, is to find the subject headings (tags) used by the catalog for the concept you are interested in.  Some general subject headings you might explore include the following (use the "subject" field in Mirlyn): 

"information science"



"human computer interaction"

"records management"



"collection development"



"user interfaces"

"user-centered system design"